General 2013 Chile V. Uruguay

   March 2013


Chile v. Uruguay

Tuesday March 26th 2013


South America World Cup qualifying goes on for a really long time. I'd seen Chile beating Paraguay in late 2011, their 4th of 16 qualifying games, and today it was their 12th game, against Uruguay.

The Estadio Nacional is an awesome place to watch football. High up in the Codo Sur, we had fantastic views over the pitch, and to the mountains in the twilight glow. Only a tiny sliver of blue fans in the opposite corner interrupted the sea of red. Mexican waves rolled around the stadium, and every time they reached the Uruguay fans, everyone would boo, and the Chile fans on the other side would wait for the time the wave would have reached them if the Uruguayans were not so miserable, and then it carried on.

I tipped Uruguay to win. I thought even the home advantage would not be enough to overcome the reigning Copa América champions and World Cup semifinalists. But I was too pessimistic. Chile were absolutely solid, and Uruguay really never had much of a chance. 2-0 to La Roja was a very fair reflection of the game.

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