Valle de Las Arenas

   November 2015


Valle de las Arenas

Sunday November 22nd 2015


I'd been up the Valle de las Arenas before and it had been awesome. I'd wanted to go back for ages, and this weekend some friends were in the mood for a hike, so we decided to head up there.

It was incredibly different to my last trip. In late autumn, the valley was barren and we could drive a long way up it, so that we only had a couple of hours to hike to get to the glacier. Today we had to start from a lot further back, firstly because after a very rainy winter, the valley was still full of snow. And secondly because there was now a huge building site at the foot of the valley. There had just been a few portacabins there 18 months ago but now the road was blocked, and a sign said that cars needed permission to pass. We didn't, so we parked and hiked up the valley from there. It was a fantastic hike in the thick snow.

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