Mirador El Litre

   July 2014


Mirador El Litre

Saturday July 19th 2014


It was a nice evening with much less smog that when I'd climbed Cerro Carbón a few days ago. I decided to head up the trail again, but just to Mirador El Litre, half way up the mountain, for some evening views of the city. I cycled from my house to La Piramide and realised when I got there that I'd left my bike lock at home. So I dragged the bike up the hill a little way, vaguely hid it in some undergrowth, and hoped there were no bike thieves around.

The evening views from the mirador were pretty awesome and I stayed until it was dark. Coming down the hill was scarier than I'd anticipated - my torch suddenly lit up two red eyes on the trail ahead of me, and I approached cautiously. Then, suddenly, as I got closer, there was an loud flap and the bird I'd woken up took off, almost flying into my face.

Back at the bottom, I found my bike still where I'd left it, and cycled home.

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