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En route to Europe again

Friday, December 7th 2012


After the conference in Switzerland I'd gone back to Santiago, but I soon found that I had serious cravings to come back home again. It was Christmas time and I felt like being in the UK instead of in Chile, even though work commitments meant I had to leave London on Christmas Eve.

So once again I boarded a plane with a maple leaf on it and headed back to the land of my birth, via the land of Tim Hortons. I grabbed a few sickly doughnuts in between flights, and then took off from Toronto in winter darkness. I watched a stunning sunrise somewhere over the Atlantic, and then by the time I landed in London it was dark again.



Tuesday, December 11th 2012


I spent most of my time in London but also went to Edinburgh for a day. It was icy cold in the Royal Botanical Gardens.

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