Belgium 2009

   November 2009


Leuven again

Monday November 9th 2009


I must have been in a really bad mood in February. I'd spent two days in Leuven, it had rained all the time, and I would rather have been in many other places. I wrote bad things about the place in my journal and generally didn't like it. When I found that I would have to go back in November, straight after the Rammstein gig, I wasn't too keen.

Maybe my February mood wasn't so bad, it was just that my November mood was so good. Whatever the reason, I had a great time in Belgium this time. I was there for work but we also had time to socialise and enjoy the good vibe that Leuven has, when you're in the right frame of mind to perceive it. When our meeting was over, I was disappointed to be heading back to London.

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