Santiago de Compostela 2005

   June 2005


Santiago de Compostela

Saturday June 18th 2005


On a blazing hot weekend in June, I went to Santiago de Compostela to visit Dave, who used to be a physicist but is now an artist. John and Moh had gone out a couple of days earlier; Dan and I were more hard-working and only bunked a Friday off. It was 38°C when we arrived.

Our main plan for the weekend was to go out lots. Our Friday night was quiet. We went out at about 1, checked out a load of bars, and got home at 6am. We then spent Saturday doing the required tourist itinerary for Santiago, which included a fun tour of the roof of the cathedral.

Saturday night was a proper night out. We kicked off with an awesome meal at a seafood restaurant, then went to bars. At one end of Rua do Franco there is a bar called Paris, and at the other end is Dakar. Of course you have work your way along from Paris to Dakar. We made it to Dakar at 4am and then went to a club, where Dan was definitely having fun because a girl asked me where she could get hold of whatever he was on. He was barely even drinking.

We came out of the club at 8am. It was daylight, but it was grey and rainy. We headed for a cafe, and got some churros con chocolate - greasy fried doughnut things with thick, thick hot chocolate. No night out in Spain is complete without churros for breakfast afterwards.

My flight home was at 11am, so when we got back to Dave's flat I just packed up and headed for the airport. As I walked along to the bus station I thought I was going to fall asleep and walk into a lamppost, and once I was on the bus I thought I was going to fall asleep and wake up in Barcelona, but I managed to hold it together and get on to a plane back to London.

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