Cerro Carbón

   January 2014


New year’s day on Cerro Carbón

Wednesday January 1st 2014


I started 2014 with a climb up Cerro Carbón. I'd climbed it in July, and also been almost to the top on the way to Manquehue, so the way was quite familiar. I left my house at 5.30am, and by 6.15am I was at La Piramide. The sun rose over the mountains a little bit after 7am, and it started to get very hot very quickly. It was a whole different experience to climbing in the winter.

I got to the top just before 9am. I was the only person out in the hills, by the look of things, and I sat on the summit in the warm sunshine for an hour. At 10am, I saw someone else reaching the ridge that joins Carbón to Manquehue, and decided to head down.

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