Cerro Carbón

   July 2013


Cerro Carbón

Tuesday July 9th 2013


Two days after climbing Manquehue, I was in the mood for another climb. One year previously, I'd gone to Cerro San Cristóbal which was a huge challenge at the time, three weeks after back surgery and with a paralysed foot. This year I went to Cerro Carbón, and it was an absolute joy to walk up. In the intervening year I'd seen my foot come back to life, I'd learned to walk properly again, and I'd had almost no pain at all from my back.

I walked from my flat to the top of the mountain in about two and half hours. Its peak is 20m higher than Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. It's awesome to live in a city where you can walk to the mountains so easily.

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