Viña del Mar 2015

   June 2015


Sunset at Viña

Friday June 12th 2015


Going to see world cup games in Brazil had been awesome, and this year Chile were hosting the Copa America, so I had an even easier time going to see competitive international football. I got tickets to Brazil v. Venezuela in Santiago, and Bolivia v. Mexico in Viña del Mar. I headed down to the coast for a weekend, with the plan to chill out on the beach a bit, and go and see the match.

Mexico, sadly, didn't take the Copa America seriously. They left all their best players behind to keep them fresh for some other tournament. Meanwhile, Bolivia can beat anyone at home but bring them down to sea level and they struggle. So the game turned out to be really, really bad. I think it's the worst game of football I've ever seen, and as a Watford fan, that's quite a statement.

My only small consolation was that when I'd been chilling on the beach before the game, the sunset had been pretty awesome.

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